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Purses are a girl’s best friend…


Purses are a girl’s best friend. Oh, wait. That isn’t right, is it? Well, I don’t know about you but my purses are some of my best friends. Diamonds don’t carry your wallet, make-up, feminine products, and crumpled up receipts. What would we do without those handbags and totes?! I am sure there are other ladies out there that can relate when I say… I carry my life in my purse! Not only do purses hold a our precious worlds, but they can completely pull together our favorite outfits! But in this post I show you how purses can pull together your special occasion. Move over Louis Vuitton… Ari Grealish has released her new designer bags:

Introducing the Wildlife Collection

Leopard, zebra, snake skin, pink, teal, red, purse, red, bachlorette, girls night out, purse svg, handmade invitation, birthday, scrapbooking, cricut, sure cuts a lot

Leopard purse, red, bachlorette, girls night out, purse svg, handmade invitation, birthday, scrapbooking, cricut, sure cuts a lot











Zebra purse, pink, bachlorette, girls night out, purse svg, handmade invitation, birthday, scrapbooking, cricut, sure cuts a lot










Snake skin purse, teal, bachlorette, girls night out, purse svg, handmade invitation, birthday, scrapbooking, cricut, sure cuts a lot











All designs are created with my handmade SVG file. Just think of all the possible designs you can come up with yourself! Just download my Purse SVG below and follow the steps below to recreate purses similar to mine.

Download Purse SVG here for $1.50

Now that you have your SVG downloaded, get your supplies! Choose whatever colors and designs you want. Add ribbon, flowers, jewels, or whatever you need to go along with your project. You will also need the basics: glue, a cutting machine and software (Cricut/SCAL).

The first step is to download and cut. Make your purse to whatever size desired. Next, glue pieces together and add special effects. I used ribbon for the handle and added fabric flowers and brads to fancy it up a bit! But use whatever you want. Next, stick adhesive pop-ups under flap to keep it closed. You don’t want to glue it, otherwise it won’t open. DUH! Or use velcro squares that have the adhesive on the back. The last step is too print the event info., cut to size, then glue inside the purse! It is up to you to make your purse a designer purse. I just supply the SVG 😉

Have fun my friends!

Monster Truck Mania


Are you ready for some crushing, annihilating, trashing, obliterating, smashing, destructing Monster Truck invitations? ARE YOU READYYYYYYYYYY!?! Now just imagine saying all that in an “announcer voice” so it will make more sense and will be more exciting 😉 Actually, who am I kidding? This is exciting! It is not very often I get to do little boy invitations. And I must say… these turned out to be pretty FANTASTICAL, considering I had a short time limit to design and create 45 of these babies!

Monster Truck, invitations, svg, handmade

Now… I don’t want to toot my own horn, but pretty awesome, huh? The wheels even spin! Something to look at and play with! “Ya, but where is all the information?” you ask….

Monster truck invitation wording, handmade, svg

On the inside! Just flip it open and there you go! Vrooooom Vrooooooom!!!!! Now get to smashing! Just download the Monster Truck SVG below to get started:

$2.00 Download Monster Truck SVG

After  you have your svg downloaded, go get your supplies! You will need some cardstock in the colors of your choice, glue, and brads. Have fun and make it your own!


Keep On Truckin’ invitations


When my mother-in-law, Rose, asked me to make her 70s themed 40th anniversary invites, I thought… Why not? Shouldn’t be too hard! Well, I was way wrong. Since I was born just a few years after the 70s, 17 to be exact, my image of the 70s was a little off. I was thinking like Disco Fever or That 70s Show, which might work for the late 70s but my in-laws were married in 1971. Then I was even more confused because this was still hippie/tie-dye era, but not flower power/peace sign era. And on top of all this mind boggling madness of not knowing what was in and out in 1971, I wanted to make the invitations represent what they were celebrating. Here is what we came up with after some brainstorming…

guitar, mandolin svg, 70s invitations, handmade card, tie dye, 60sguitar, mandolin, svg, handmade, invitations, tie-dye, 60s, 70s

 “I don’t get it,” is what some of you may be thinking, especially you youngins’. But here is the cute little story behind the invitations and the people I made them for:

My in-laws, Bob and Rose, met in college and started dating. Together they would go to coffee house. Bob would play his guitar and Rose would play her mandolin. In 1971, the couple was married. At their wedding, Bob played his guitar and sang “My Sweet Lady” by John Denver to his new wife. Awww…such a tear jerker. And that, my friends is how these invitations were created!

Do you need a guitar or mandolin for your invitations or special project? Download the guitar and mandolin svgs below!

$1.00 Download Guitar SVG
$1.00 Download Mandolin SVG

Congrats to Bob and Rose on their 40 years of wedded bliss 🙂




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