Monster Truck Mania

Are you ready for some crushing, annihilating, trashing, obliterating, smashing, destructing Monster Truck invitations? ARE YOU READYYYYYYYYYY!?! Now just imagine saying all that in an “announcer voice” so it will make more sense and will be more exciting 😉 Actually, who am I kidding? This is exciting! It is not very often I get to do little boy invitations. And I must say… these turned out to be pretty FANTASTICAL, considering I had a short time limit to design and create 45 of these babies!

Monster Truck, invitations, svg, handmade

Now… I don’t want to toot my own horn, but pretty awesome, huh? The wheels even spin! Something to look at and play with! “Ya, but where is all the information?” you ask….

Monster truck invitation wording, handmade, svg

On the inside! Just flip it open and there you go! Vrooooom Vrooooooom!!!!! Now get to smashing! Just download the Monster Truck SVG below to get started:

$2.00 Download Monster Truck SVG

After  you have your svg downloaded, go get your supplies! You will need some cardstock in the colors of your choice, glue, and brads. Have fun and make it your own!


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