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Attention Walmart shoppers… look elsewhere!!!


Most little kids whine and cry when their parents make them take a trip to the store.  However, my niece is not like other kids and is always on board to take a trip to Target.  She loves Target so much, she is making her 4th birthday party all about Target! Ummm… what? What kind of invitations am I suppose to make for this?

Target invitations, shopping cart svg, birthday party, handmade, cricut, silhouette

Target invitations, shopping cart svg, birthday party, handmade, cricut, silhouette

Ya.. I went there! I personally think it is pretty creative. So for all you Target lovers out there, download the shopping cart .svg here and get started!

Here is what you will need:

1) The shopping cart .svg – Click here for the Target Shopping Cart.svg

2) A cutting machine, compatible software that will work with the .svg file (I use to use the Cricut with Sure Cuts A Lot 2, but now I am using the Silhouette Cameo with the Silhouette Connect), and cutting accessories (mats, blades, etc.)

3) Paper, glue, and brads

Here is how to do it:

1) Cut and print all your pieces

2) Glue the pocket onto the back of the shopping cart, then glue that piece onto the shopping cart frame, then the Target sign onto the shopping cart

3) Use brads to put on wheels

4) Stuff the cart with the event information card

5) Send out your invitations and enjoy your event

Check out the following pictures for ideas on how to pull off a Target party:

Make signs like the ones you would see in Target and hang them up like so-

Target Birthday Ideas

Make Target name tags for your guests and put them on cups or have them wear them-

Top off your dessert and goody bags with Targets-

And top everything else off with red and white-

I hope these suggestions help! Now let’s take a moment to honor the birthday girl… my niece, Kenley Addison! Happy 4th Birthday, my nugget 🙂

The cutest dump you’ll ever make…


…dump truck, that is! My adorable nephew, Dax, is about to turn 2 and is obsessed with trucks of all kinds.  We decided to go with a construction truck theme for his upcoming birthday party and here is what we came up with…

construction invitations, dump truck svg, boys birthday party, cricut, silhouette

construction invitations, dump truck svg, boys birthday party, cricut, silhouette

What little boy wouldn’t like these? I don’t mean to toot my own horn but these are one of my favorite creations that I have made thus far.  I hope you enjoy them too.  And if you are interested in recreating these just download the dump truck .svg file and follow the steps/suggestions below:


$2.00 Dump Truck Download SVG

1) Download the dump truck .svg if you have not already done so.  Don’t forget you will need these essentials to turn that .svg into something you can actually use

– a cutting machine and compatible software (I use a Silhouette Cameo with Silhouette Connect Studios), along with cutting mats and other cutting accessories

– glue (I personally like this glue and use it on everything:,default,pd.html?cgid=products-scrapbooking-adhesives)

2) Buy

-paper in whatever colors you desire (keep in mind that you can change the colors to make them girly as well)

– pop-up adhesives (this gives the invitation some depth)

– brads ( in whatever shape and color you want)

3) Cut your materials, along with your printed event information (you can make them as big or small as you like)

4) Glue

– Event information onto the dirt piece

– rims onto tires

– undercarriage onto truck

– top dump onto bottom dump

– pocket onto the backside of the bottom dump

5) Connect the wheels and dump to the undercarriage using the brads (this makes the invitation move all cute!)

6) Use pop-up adhesives to put on the wheel well on the front tire (again this just adds some depth)

7) Place the dirt piece with the event information into the pocket

8 ) Send out your invitations and enjoy your event

9) Check back soon for some party decoration ideas…

Construction/dump truck party decoration ideas

Construction party, dump truck, boys birthday

Use construction shapes for signs, bricks/blocks to display food items, construction cones and hard hats for some extra character.

Construction party, dump truck, boys birthday

Use Home Depot Aprons to display utensils and make DIRT CAKE for the main dessert!

Construction party, dump truck, boys birthdayConstruction party, dump truck, boys birthday

Use toy trucks to display food. Get creative… use long pretzels and label them as logs, chocolate doughnuts as tires 🙂

Construction party, dump truck, boys birthday

Get a construction themed pinata to match the rest of the party.

And make sure to wish the birthday boy or girl a happy birthday… HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAX!

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