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Sugar and spice and everything nice


Want to do a special project that’s fit for a princess? I started these scrapbooks for my nieces that I plan on giving them when they are older. I put together 2 pages a year that have pictures and embellishments from their birthday parties. Each party is themed so I do my pages according to that theme and I include that invitations that I have designed for them. My first niece, Novalee, had a princess party for her first birthday, but I was not introduced to the cricket until after the party so I do not have invitations to share with you. However, when I made her scrapbooking page, I needed a castle and crown to make it complete. It is these .svgs that I want to share with you so you can do something fun with them:

Castle svg, princess svg, handmade castle cutout, invitations, scrapbooking, birthday party


Download the Heart Castle svg right here!

Crown cutout, crown svg, princess invitation, scrapbooking, birthday

Download the Crown of Hearts svg right here!


Love Coupons


Ok, I am all for buying gifts for loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and some holidays- but Valentine’s Day! Really? I don’t even glance in the Valentine’s Day gift direction when I walk into stores. What a waste of money! What the hell are you suppose to get a guy for this day anyways? Something sexy for you to wear that night? Ya, he will enjoy that $50+ piece of fabric that is so tiny it could fit on a hamster for about 10 seconds, then it is on the floor! Frankly, I don’t have that kind of money to just throw on the floor! So, I decided to make my gift this year for Valentine’s Day, but this would also be good for an anniversary.

Yes, I did! I made some romantic coupons for the husband to use as he pleased. Just simple things like: free movie, free dinner, free ice cream, ect. You can make these naughty or nice. I just suggest to make some you enjoy too 😉

These were made very last minute so I kept them quite simple. It literally took about an hour to print 15 coupons, cute some paper, glue them together, and tie it to make it like a booklet. It was very fun to make and I had a great reaction from the husband when he saw them. I highly recommend making these for your special someone sometime. Just grab some cute paper and make up your coupons! I only used the Cricut for the heart on the front. The rest you can do without 🙂 Enjoy and  spread the love everyone!

I love you, Husband!


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