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Hula Skirt Invitations


What’s a better way to spend your birthday than overlooking a majestic ocean with your feet buried in the sand and sipping on a pina colada? How about celebrating with some good grub and hula dancers at a luau? I know! But we are allowed to dream, right? For those of you who are not made out of money, like me, and can’t just hop on a plane to go to paradise, bring paradise to you with these hula skirt invitations!

Hawaiian invitations, Luau, hula skirt svg, tropical, paradise, birthday invitationsHawaiian invitations, Luau, hula skirt svg, tropical, paradise, birthday invitations

Hawaiian invitations, Luau, hula skirt svg, tropical, paradise, birthday invitations

So colorful, right? Are you ready to make your own? Silly question… of course you are! Just click below to download the hula skirt .svg file:

$2.00 Hula Skirt SVG

Watch the video below to get tips on how to assemble your grass skirt invitations:

Make sure to come back and check out the photos from the party! See you soon!

Grealish Greetings Update


Watch out, Hollywood! Here I come!

That’s right Grealish Greetings fans. I am going to start filming “How to” videos so you can recreate what you see on Grealish Greetings!

Don’t get too excited, though. This is all a new idea and has not yet been tried out. I am hoping it all works out so all of you can have an easier time making your own invitations. I will keep you posted once I figure out how I am really going to go about this. I will be releasing a new .svg file in a few days and hopefully a video along with it or not too long after!

See you soon!

Redesign Complete!


I am happy to announce that the site makeover is completely finished! What do you all think? How do you like the new look compared to the old (below):

The new look is so much better, right? I couldn’t have done it without my wonderful husband…

As you can see, I am the luckiest woman alive! Thanks for everything, Husband! I love you!

Ok, ok, ok. I’m done with the sap-fest! Now that the redesign is finished, stay tuned for new creations and .svg files! Thanks for all your support!

Sugar and spice and everything nice


Want to do a special project that’s fit for a princess? I started these scrapbooks for my nieces that I plan on giving them when they are older. I put together 2 pages a year that have pictures and embellishments from their birthday parties. Each party is themed so I do my pages according to that theme and I include that invitations that I have designed for them. My first niece, Novalee, had a princess party for her first birthday, but I was not introduced to the cricket until after the party so I do not have invitations to share with you. However, when I made her scrapbooking page, I needed a castle and crown to make it complete. It is these .svgs that I want to share with you so you can do something fun with them:

Castle svg, princess svg, handmade castle cutout, invitations, scrapbooking, birthday party


Download the Heart Castle svg right here!

Crown cutout, crown svg, princess invitation, scrapbooking, birthday

Download the Crown of Hearts svg right here!


Pick your poison invitations


Oh, boy! You guys are going to hate me again. If you have no idea what I am talking about then you clearly have not read my previous post. Shame on you! Anyways, once again, I forgot to share another creation with you. In my defense, I had no idea that people would be interested in my creations so I never thought to put this up. I made these halloween/birthday invitations for one of my cousins a couple years back. I mean a couple months ago. Okay, okay! You caught me! I’m a terrible liar. It was a couple of years ago. Hopefully you can find it in your hearts to forgive me so you can create something fun like this:

Skull and crossbones svg, handmade skull invitations, skeleton, birthday invitations, halloween invitations, rockstar, spooky

Download the Skull and Crossbones svg right here for free!

This invitation was quite easy to make:

1) Download the .svg then cut out pieces

2) Glue pieces together and add googly eyes for fun

3) Find a cool font that goes with the theme of your party and cut it out (mine was Halloween, hence the spooky writing)

4) Find cool paper that goes with your theme. Cut it to desired size. I made mine foldable 5×7 cards so the party information can be placed on the inside

5) Glue on the words, but use pop-up dots on the back of the skull to give it that cool 3D look

6) OR…. create whatever you want, however you want! It is your .svg now!

Everyone’s favorite cowboy invitations


“Buzz Lightyear to the rescuuuuuue!” Wait, no! That’s not right, is it? Enough horsin’ around. Let’s get down to business. Here’s the thing… I’ve been holding out on on you guys for a while now. I know what your thinking. “How could she?!” Trust me when I tell you that it was not intentional. What happened was, I got a request to do some Woody invitations (get your minds out of the gutter), but the person backed out of the order after I finished a design and .svg file. Rude, right? Anyways, that happened long before I started this blog so it completely slipped my mind that I had one to share with you all. I know, I know. It is still unforgivable. Unless…

I give it to you for FREE!

Woody invitations, handmade toy story invitations, horseshoe, cowboy, woody svg file

Click here to download your WOODY svg fil for FREE!

Just to warn you, there are a lot of pieces to this .svg. I tried to organize the file as best as I could to try to keep things simple. I never finished the entire invitation but I was planning on cutting out the word “HOWDY” to glue on front of the card or invitation. In this photo I have Woody and the horseshoe glued onto plain red cardstock that is folded to be a 5×7 card and information could be printed and stuck in. Please feel free to create something with this .svg and send a picture to my email so others can see what you have come up with. Now, “Run like the wind Bullseye!”



Grealish Greetings is currently in the process of getting an extreme makeover!

Please excuse some random mismatchiness for the next few days.

Thank you!

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