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Oh Toodles!


When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

What’s that? You wish for the Minnie Mouse .svg that I made to make these?

Minnie Mouse Invitation, disney cutout, minnie mouse svg

Click here to download the free Minnie Mouse SVG!

Here is what you will need to recreate these simple Minnie Mouse invitations:

1) My free Minnie Mouse .svg (download above), cutting machine and software (I use the Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot 2)

2) Black, pink, and white paper

3) Pink polka-dotted ribbon

4) Glue and scissors, plus a printer to print your party 411

Follow these short, simple steps:

1) Download .svg and set up in your software

2) Cut shapes and print party information

3) Cut ribbon to desired length and tie bows (I did 15-16 inches per bow. There were a little long but that gave me room to tie easily and cut nice angles after I tied them)

4) Glue pink circle onto black background, then white paper with party information onto the pink circle (I used spray adhesive for this part)

5) Put a dab of liquid glue in between the ears and push on pre-tied bow. Hold for a few seconds or set something heavy and flat on top of it for a while (I used a book)

6) Send those cuties out and enjoy the party!

*BONUS SOON TO COME: Check back soon to see how to tie the perfect Minnie Mouse Bows. I hope to have a video on this within the next two weeks! It’ll make tying polka-dotted ribbon much easier and enjoyable 🙂

Hey baby, what yo’ name is?


Does anyone else feel like every gal pal of theirs has a bun in the oven? Well, I do! Lucky for you- this means more invitation ideas and .svg files that you can use for all those baby showers you will be hosting or attending 🙂 For example, this lovely little baby doll dress invitation:

girl baby shower invitation, baby dress svg, baby dress cutout, handmade party invitation, purple and green baby shower invites

girl baby shower invitation, baby dress svg, baby dress cutout, handmade party invitation, purple and green baby shower invites

Adorable, right? Use it for a baby shower and match it to the colors that the mama-to-be wants for her party or nursery 🙂 Here is what you will need:

1)My Baby Doll Dress SVG (download below) and a machine/software to cut out shapes (I use the Cricut)

2) colored paper and ribbon of your choice

3) glue and scissors

Once you have collected the necessary materials follow these simple steps for assembly:

1) Download my Baby Doll .svg below


$1.50 Download Baby Doll Dress SVG

2) Set up party info. and print (I use Photoshop)

3) Cut out shapes and ribbon (length varies depending on preference)

4) First glue ribbon, then party info. on top so that ribbon is hidden on the inside. Then glue the rest of the pieces together.

5) Tie ribbon

6) Enjoy party!

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