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This means the world to me…



All profits from purchased .svg files from March 1st – April 20th will be donated to Autism Speaks!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Pasadena, CA on April 20th!  I am trying to organize a team and gather donations to raise money for individuals and their families who have been touched by autism.  Below are links to learn more about the event, join my team, The A-team Warriors, or donate to my team.

Information about the walk:

Join the A-team Warriors on a walk that will change lives  or make a donation:

Don’t feel comfortable making a donation online? Follow the link below to print out a form and send a check to help support a walker or the A-team Warriors:

Or purchase one of Grealish Greeting’s original .svg files!

Thank you so much for your time and support!

-The A-team Warriors team captain and creator of Grealish Greetings,

Ari Grealish

Let’s Find the Missing Pieces!


Hello Grealish Greetings followers and all of you new to my blog!  Although many of you are probably waiting for more paper craft ideas and .svgs, I am here to talk to you about something even better.  Well, to me it is 😉

I am on a mission.  A mission to change lives and I want you to join me!

Every 11 minutes, another family receives the devastating news that their child has an autism spectrum disorder. I have worked alongside so many individuals with autism and have personally seen all the obstacles that they and their families have to face.  Enhancing the lives of children with autism and the lives of their families is my reason for living!  It sounds corny, I know, but I have been so lucky to find something I am passionate about!! Now it is my time to share my passion with you and ask for your help…your help to help those affected by autism. “How?” you ask- please join me and pass my project on!

I am trying to organize a team for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event on April 20th at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA.  This event is to help raise money to help those who have been touched by autism.    By participating in this event, by walking or donating, we will be getting one step closer to finding what causes autism, how to prevent and treat it, and ultimately a cure.  Below is the link for more information about the Walk Now for Autism Speaks:

 Our team name is The A-team Warriors!  There are already a few members on the team, but we still need more people to help us reach our goal. We would like to raise at least $1,000 as a team, which should not be hard if we have a big team. If we exceed this goal, then awesome! If we do not reach it, then no big deal- anything helps! What we earn goes to research, awareness, and toolkits that go directly to families affected by autism! Plus, there are incentives for participants – anyone who raises $150.00 gets a 2013 Walk for Autism Speaks T-shirt! For $1,000 plus we can join the “Grand Club” and get V.I.P. treatment on the day of the walk! Not to mention, it’ll be fun!

 So who is ready to change a life forever?

 If anyone would like to help by either joining our team, The A-team Warriors, or by making a donation follow the link below:

To support a walker follow the link below and search for the walker by name:

Don’t feel comfortable making a donation online? Follow the link below to print out a form and send a check to help support a walker or the A-team Warriors:

If anyone chooses to make a donation, I and The A-team Warriors thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  If anyone chooses to join our team, we look forward to walking with you.  Please feel free to invite others to participate in any way they can.  The more people we get involved, the more people we can help!  For any other questions and concerns please contact me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The A-Team Warrior’s Team Captain,

Ari Grealish


Carnie Love


How does one live their life long dream of becoming a carnie? Put on your very own carnival party for your kids! You’ll be amazed on just how easy a carnival party can be.  It can be in your very own backyard or at a nearby park. Set up games, hand out tickets, and give out prizes. The kids will love it! And, let’s face it… the adults will want to try out some of the games too. But first everyone will need a ticket to get into the carnival! Lucky for you, I have designed some incredibly fun ticket booths and admission tickets:

Carnival invitations, ticket booth, birthday party, kids party, ticket booth cut out, carnival svg, carnival cut out, circus

Carnival invites, ticket booth cutouts, carnival svg, birthday party, kids party, circus

What you will need:

1) My ticket booth and ticket .svg file. Download here:  

$2.00 Download Ticket Booth SVG

2) Paper. Choose how ever many colors and designs you like. I went with a vibrant red for the background, striped paper as the top layer, transparent paper for the window, silver for the ticket holder, blue and yellow for the “TICKETS” sign.  I used the same red and blue for the admissions ticket. I also printed the party info. on white paper.

3) Silver brads to hold on the ticket dispenser.

4) Liquid glue and/or spray adhesive.

5) Roll of raffle tickets (BONUS: these can be used later for the games at the party and can be found at a dollar store)


1) Download my ticket and ticket booth .svg above.

2) Cut, print, and glue everything.

3) Add brads and raffle tickets.

4) Carnival it up! Enjoy the party!

Below are some pictures of party ideas that we used for my nieces carnival party!


Welcome everyone to the carnival with a “Welcome to the Carnival” sign. We used this as our station to pass out tickets.
We hired an actual carnie to pass out the tickets to the kids. Not really- this is the b-day girl’s very own dad!
Show off your grub! We used individual popcorn buckets and cotton candy pops so people could enjoy food and play games at the same time! My sister also made popcorn cupcake (note: not actual popcorn on cupcakes, colored marshmallows)!
Give gold fish as favors! It is actually quite cheap and goes along with the carnival-themed party perfectly. Come on… who hasn’t won a gold fish from a carnival game?


Knock back some booze and party! Just kidding… but seriously:  Glue empty bottles to a surface. My brother-in-law  glued his empty beer bottles to some wood then painted it. Just make sure the bottles are clean 😉 Hang up some material to make it “booth-like.” We used some fleece from Joann’s but a colorful sheet or table cloth will do the trick. (4) Make a cute sign. I used my cricut and own .svg files. 
Use bracelets for the rings. I got a cheap pack of 5 from the dollar store. Hand out candy or cheap toys for prizes. Again, dollar store stuff!


This is simple! Again, use some material as a backdrop for your booth and make a cute sign. Use a rug or short table to set bags on top of. Place different small and cheap prizes in bags (leave some empty if you are mean like me) and kids will have to fish for these bags. 
Attach a string and hook to a pole and let them have at it! This is the birthday girl having a try at the fishing game!


You don’t need to hire a professional face painter! Just pick out some acrylic paints and have a family member or friend run this booth. My husband was sweet enough to volunteer (well, I volunteered him and he was sweet enough to agree!). We picked out cute, simple designs and put them on a sign so kids could choose what they wanted.
The birthday girl chose balloons. As you can see, she loved it! And so did the rest of the kids at the carnival.


Have a photo booth! Use fabric for the backdrop and hang up a frame of your choice, or just have the people hold the frame while taking pictures.

Dress it up! Have a box full of costumes and silly props that people can wear when taking pictures in the photo booth.

Even I got silly with the b-day girl and her sister 🙂

Extra Shots of the The Birthday Girl, Kenley





Happy 3rd birthday, Nugget! Isn’t she precious?

Well, that wraps it up folks. I  hope you found this post helpful! Also, check out what Martha Stewart and Pinterest have to offer:

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