About Me


Hello out there! So, here is the part where I am suppose to tell you a little about myself, right? First off, I HATE talking about myself so bare with me on this page! My name is Ari and I am 28 years old. I married my soul-mate in April 2010 and have been living in heaven ever since. Our family grew by one on March 27th 2014. That’s right! We have a son named Carson and he is the most amazing little boy I have ever met. However, his presence here is the reason for lack of posts and new creations  :/ Before Carson arrived I worked as a behavior interventionist with special needs. Until the little guy goes to school I will be hanging out with him and doing photography on the side (another reason for my lack of posts).

So, I believe those are the standard “about me” topics. If you want to know more, please feel free to ask. I am an open book and have nothing to hide. I am here to have a good time and hope that you have a good time too!

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