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Love Coupons


Ok, I am all for buying gifts for loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and some holidays- but Valentine’s Day! Really? I don’t even glance in the Valentine’s Day gift direction when I walk into stores. What a waste of money! What the hell are you suppose to get a guy for this day anyways? Something sexy for you to wear that night? Ya, he will enjoy that $50+ piece of fabric that is so tiny it could fit on a hamster for about 10 seconds, then it is on the floor! Frankly, I don’t have that kind of money to just throw on the floor! So, I decided to make my gift this year for Valentine’s Day, but this would also be good for an anniversary.

Yes, I did! I made some romantic coupons for the husband to use as he pleased. Just simple things like: free movie, free dinner, free ice cream, ect. You can make these naughty or nice. I just suggest to make some you enjoy too 😉

These were made very last minute so I kept them quite simple. It literally took about an hour to print 15 coupons, cute some paper, glue them together, and tie it to make it like a booklet. It was very fun to make and I had a great reaction from the husband when he saw them. I highly recommend making these for your special someone sometime. Just grab some cute paper and make up your coupons! I only used the Cricut for the heart on the front. The rest you can do without 🙂 Enjoy and  spread the love everyone!

I love you, Husband!


How do you like them pickles?!


Mmmmmm… how do I love them pickles! Not on ice cream, but I could sit down and eat a whole jar in one sitting. I haven’t tried it, but I am sure I could do it!  Someone challenge me! “Whoa! Calm down! I challenge you to eat a jar of pickles in one sitting.” I was going to anyways. Maybe some other time. I am trying to tell people what this post is all about.

My best friend and I always try to get each other pickle cards for our birthdays. Unfortunately, not all stores carry pickle cards. “WHAT?! That’s a sin!” I know, right?! We are living in a crazy world. So, I decided to take a crack at creating a pickle card with my Cricut. This is what I came  up with:

Hahahahaha… I love it! Have you ever seen a cuter pickle? “Yes.” LIAR! I am thinking, most likely not. For those of you who can’t read, the card says “What’s the big dill?” I hope my readers were smart enough to get that joke. And the inside says, “It’s only your birthday.” Well, I thought I was clever.

All you need is some fun paper, glue, and a Cricut. I suppose you can cut out the pickle by hand, but it won’t be as crisp. I don’t know about you, but I prefer my pickles crisp. Unfortunately, I had trouble finding a pickle .svg online so I had my wonderful husband make one for me. Ya, I got him in check! I love you, Husband! I wish I could share the file with you, but I have no idea where it went 🙁 Maybe I can talk him into making another one? Hmmm… what can I do to convince him?

Well, this was just a fun idea I wanted to share with you all. Hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t, well, just DILL with it!

My bestie and I. Love you, Stef-a-lef-a-gus!

The Corinne


Bonjur! Cómo estás? Bien Merci! No? That wasn’t right? Darn! I thought I had it down that time 🙁 French is SO hard to learn. Especially after taking Spanish in high school. I combine the two and it sounds great to me! I don’t think everyone else thinks so though.  “Why the heck is this lady rambling on about French and Spanish?” Because it’s my blog , so I can do what I want! I was just about to get to that, my dear readers…

This next creation was one of my first with my Cricut. Actually, it was one of my first paper crafts altogether! I made this for my sister-in-law, Corinne. She was living in New York and working as a jewelry designer for Tiffany’s. I made this for her when we found out she accepted a job with Swarovski in Paris, France! We all were sad to see her go so far away, but so excited that she got such an amazing opportunity!

Purple, green, congratulations, flowers, floral

This was made with the very few supplies I had at the time. Here is what I used:

1) This is a 5×7 card, blank on the inside. I used a green floral pattern for the background. Easy so far,  right?

2) I used my Circut to cut a purple floral pattern and a green “congratulations.” Still with me?

3) After gluing the purple floral cut out onto the background I placed a cut out piece of transparent paper on top to soften the background. Then I topped it off with fabric flowers and brad centers. Violà! You have a card to give to that someone special!

So, congratulations, sister! We are proud of you! You all will be happy to know that she is having a great time in Paris! And we had a great time visiting her in April 🙂

Corinne at the Notre Dame in Paris!

Our family trip to see Corinne in April 2011.

Hellooooooo Kitty!


Here, kitty, kitty, kitty… Where are you, kitty? Oh, there she is! Hello Kitty!


My husband and I have been talking about getting a kitty or a dog for a while now. Our apartment is too small for a dog and we don’t want kids so a kitty seems like the way to go. Hopefully we can find one as cute as the kitty on these invitations.


These were custom made for my friend’s daughter’s 6th birthday party. I had a different idea in my mind but ended up with this. I love the way they turned out. Any beginner paper crafter can do these too. Here is what you need:

1) Pattern paper for the background. I bought some glittery pink and white polka-dot paper and cut it into 5x7s.

2)The info was printed on white cardstock for easy reading and placed on bright pink paper to match Hello Kitty’s precious bow.

3)Paper for Hello Kitty. I used an .svg file that I found online. It was easy to use on Sure Cuts A Lot 2. All you need is black for the shadow of her head and white on top. I used yellow for her nose and bright pink for her bow. The white and yellow are shiny and I added a glitter glue called Star Dust Stickles to her bow for giggles!

4) I used different color stars behind the head to add a little something and go with the decorations that are going to be used for the party. I based the colors and design on these decorations:

Not sure if you can see, but there are stars all over these decorations. So, if there were more flowers and hearts on these I could have substituted the stars with those instead. If you keep it simple from the start, then changes can always be made. You also don’t want to go too crazy with your design, because these are invitations. You want people to be able to know who the party is for and where they are suppose to go! I can just see Grandma trying to read a fluster-clucked invitation… poor G’ma. She would show up to little Susie’s 5 birthday a week late 🙁 Let’s try to avoid that situation and not go overboard, shall we?

Feel free to give me a buzz if you have any questions or comments. I really enjoy feedback or helping out when I can. Thanks for checking me out! Please stop by again soon! Goodbye everyone and goodbye Kitty!

Get Tangled up in these invites


So, I previously expressed that I am not a big fan of doing cartoon characters because it can be pricey or too time consuming. When my friend approached me about doing some Tangled invites for her daughter’s b-day I was a little hesitant. Then, I decided to let down my hair and just go for it! Here is what I came up with…

tangled invitations, handmade invitations, rapunzel, tower, castle, princess, birthday party, girl, tangled svg

Cute, right? These were (as were all of the others) also done on a budget and I am so happy with the way they turned out. All the materials for this project were bought at Michael’s.

1) The info is printed on transparent paper which is layered on a pretty pink pattern paper. Very girly!

2) The tower svg was made from scratch and cut on my cricut. I used a dark grey for the base, light grey for the middle, and purple for the roof. I topped it off by adding a little sparkle to the purple. I twisted 4 pieces of pale yellow yarn together, tied it off with purple string, and dangled it out the window.

I really wanted to give the base of the tower a stone look but I was short on time and didn’t get a chance to see what was out there to create that look. I was thinking of using a stamp, but I am not sure if there is one out there that would create that look. Just a little suggestion for anyone who might try these out. All you need is paper, glue, a trimmer, yarn, string, and a cricut to cut out the tower. Just look below for the tower .svg file.

$2.00 Download Rapunzel Tower SVG

Spidey Invites


Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can! I am not a big fan on doing cartoon characters because either the materials are too expensive or are hard to find and the .svg files are complex and too detailed. Luckily my husband was able to create a Spidey head for me that was only 3 steps on my cricut. Making 40 was a little slow going but I think they turned out nice.

These also cost under $20 for materials. Here is what I used:

1) I found some 12×12 black spiderweb paper at Michael’s and cut them into 5x7s. I printed the info on white 4×6 cardstock and cut around the edges with some “Flash” pattern scissors (I always look for new pattern scissors at Michael’s). I also put a blue background behind the Spidey head to give it more of a Spiderman feel.

2) All you need for that totally awesome Spiderman head is white, red and black cardstock. I got some shiny black cardstock for this to give it a better quality look.  Might be a good idea to have a Spiderman .svg too. Which is why I am providing one for you! Just click here to download the Spidey.svg!

Have fun!


Pretty and Preggers


Pregnancy. It is a beautiful thing right? Morning sickness, stretch marks, uncontrollable bodily functions, and the sexy waddling and panting… sounds exciting! And people wonder why I am not in a rush to get pregnant. I haven’t even mentioned the miracle of the whole child birth process and how wonderful that is. But do I really need to go there? I didn’t think so.

To match the (real) beauty of pregnancy, I made these next invites for my new cousins Heather and Mike. They are cousins through marriage and I was so honored that they let me make these invites for their shower:

Baby shower invites, pregnant lady

I made 75 of these invites and 75 “Gift of a Book” inserts to match. These were also very simple to make. A little time consuming but I loved the way they turned out.

1) I used solid brown 12×12 cardstock and cut them into 5x7s for the background. On top is solid teal cardstock and the info was printed on transparent paper. The picture is a bit blurry but I really like the transparent paper to print on because it is crisp and you can still have colored/pattern backgrounds show through.

2) I made the pregger lady from an svg file through Sure Cuts A Lot on white cardstock. I found her online and made her into an .svg file. The purse and shoes were cut on some brown paper embellished with glittered flower bursts. It is hard to see in this picture but it was perfect! And I added some white pearl stickers on the handbag to top it off. Just click here for the Preggers.svg file!

3) The insert has a poem printed on white cardstock that is layered on top of a solid teal. I used the same paper I used for the handbag and shoes for the strip on the inserts.

That basically covers it! All you need is paper, glue, a trimmer, pearl stickers, and a Cricut to cut an .svg file of the pregnant lady out. Not too difficult. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. I hope you liked these as much as the hostess did. As you can see below, a cake was made to match my design:

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home!


I sat down to write about this next project and the title came to my head right away, but all I could think about was the awful nursery rhyme:

Ladybug!  Ladybug!
Fly away home.
Your house is on fire.
And your children all gone.

All except one,
And that’s little Ann,
For she crept under
The frying pan.

Seriously?! How terrible is this? I don’t know who came up with this twisted rhyme and why we would teach it to children! Maybe someone could explain that to me after I explain my ladybug invitations to you…

Ladybug birthday invitations

I made these for my niece’s 1st b-day bash. Very appropriate and an easy theme to decorate with.

Ladybug birthday invitations

These invites were also made on a budget and I believe I bought all these materials from Michael’s for under $20. Here is what went down:

1) I used red shimmery card stock for the wings and basic black for the body/head of the ladybug. The body is one piece and measures to be 5×7. The dots were made with glitter paper to make it a little more fancy-schmancy. All of my ladybugs were cut with my Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot 2. Click below for the ladybug .svg file:

Ladybug .svg

2) Of course, googly eyes were added! Why wouldn’t they be? Always keep those babies in stock!

3)  I printed the info on white 5×7 cardstock and carefully measured a circle to cut around the body of text on Sure Cuts A Lot.

And there you have it! Hope you enjoyed these little ladies  🙂 Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments! Below are some pics of my beautiful niece and her very 1st birthday celebration!

The birthday girl, Kenley Addison.

The decorations were a pic-nic theme. I also cut out big  ladybugs and  daisies to hang on the walls and from the ceiling. Super fun and super cute!

Pimped the high chair with some more ladybugs I cut from the cricut.

The cakes! I wish I could take credit for these, but they were created by my sister, Taryn. Everyone give her a round of applause! These are among her first cakes that she has decorated. Beginner’s luck? Nah! Just a natural! Good job, Sis!

Out of this world invitations


So, an old friend of mine wanted something a little different for a friend’s baby shower. I don’t know about you, but I hate how repetitive baby showers are. I mean, no one can seem to move past the baby blue footprints or powder pink rattles! This is where the idea of a space theme came into play….

Invitations, birthday, baby shower, space, aliens, ufo, cricut, svg

These were so fun to make and super easy. If you are a beginner with paper crafts, have no fear! These aliens come in peace and are ready for you to use them on your next project! You can download him here! Keep in mind that I do everything to fit into my customer’s budget! Materials for 40 invitations cost me less than $20! Not too shabby for custom made invitations 😉 “What do you need?” you ask? Well, keep those pants on. I am about to tell you:

1) Two different pattern papers. I bought some fun green 12×12 paper patterns from Michael’s and cut them into 5x7s. I bought some spacey 12×12 paper to layer on top from Michael’s too. I first cut them into 5x7s and then I just kind of gave it a wave on top and bottom to show the green paper. Remember to just choose paper you enjoy and just have fun with it!  If you enjoy the materials you work with, you will enjoy doing these over and over!

2) cardstock for your alien dude and UFO. I used green for my alien dude and red for my UFO because it went well with paper, but make your characters whatever colors your heart desires! I also used transparent paper for the top of the UFO to make it look kind of like glass, which people really liked. And I added chrome pearl stickers at the base of the UFO.

3) Googly eyes! Oh how I love them googly eyes! If I ever have a chance to use those babies, I use them! They just add so much fun and character to these invitations.

4) I printed the 411 for the baby shower on 4×6 white cardstock and just slapped it on the pattern paper to make it more interesting. Straight would be boring for these invites.

5) You will also need the basics: paper trimmer and glue. A cricut would also come in handy here (Especially for the alien dude)!

Here’s another link to the Alien Dude!

and Here’s the link to the UFO!

Hope you enjoy these! I had fun making them and got a lot of compliments from the guests at the shower. Please feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions! Below are some  photos from the baby shower:

The soon to be mommy opening gifts for baby Noah.

This was made by the hosts of the shower to hang above the crib.

Alien cupcakes made to match my invites! Also made by the hosts… way to go Kari and Krista!

The happy couple waiting for the new addition 🙂

Noah Grant Davy Born 4/9/11 1:58 am 6lbs 12oz 18 1/2in. Congrats to the Davy family. Best wishes!



Hi everyone! My name is Ari and I make hand-made cards for any occasion!

Stay tuned to see some examples!

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