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Bonjur! Cómo estás? Bien Merci! No? That wasn’t right? Darn! I thought I had it down that time 🙁 French is SO hard to learn. Especially after taking Spanish in high school. I combine the two and it sounds great to me! I don’t think everyone else thinks so though.  “Why the heck is this lady rambling on about French and Spanish?” Because it’s my blog , so I can do what I want! I was just about to get to that, my dear readers…

This next creation was one of my first with my Cricut. Actually, it was one of my first paper crafts altogether! I made this for my sister-in-law, Corinne. She was living in New York and working as a jewelry designer for Tiffany’s. I made this for her when we found out she accepted a job with Swarovski in Paris, France! We all were sad to see her go so far away, but so excited that she got such an amazing opportunity!

Purple, green, congratulations, flowers, floral

This was made with the very few supplies I had at the time. Here is what I used:

1) This is a 5×7 card, blank on the inside. I used a green floral pattern for the background. Easy so far,  right?

2) I used my Circut to cut a purple floral pattern and a green “congratulations.” Still with me?

3) After gluing the purple floral cut out onto the background I placed a cut out piece of transparent paper on top to soften the background. Then I topped it off with fabric flowers and brad centers. Violà! You have a card to give to that someone special!

So, congratulations, sister! We are proud of you! You all will be happy to know that she is having a great time in Paris! And we had a great time visiting her in April 🙂

Corinne at the Notre Dame in Paris!

Our family trip to see Corinne in April 2011.

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