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My hero…


Sad news… my nephew, Dax, is turning 1 already! He is growing up way too fast! It seems like yesterday that I just posted the invitations and pictures from his baby shower 🙁 The good news, however, is that I have a new .svg for you! Instead of doing the typical  superhero theme parties like superman, batman, spiderman, and yada yada yada… make it custom to better suit your little one! Here is what I came up with for my not so little peanut nephew:

Superhero birthday party, kids party, superhero svg, custom, cricut cutout, boys invitations

Superhero birthday party, kids party, superhero svg, custom, cricut cutout, boys invitations

Soooo much fun! The cool thing is, like most of my invites, is you can personalize them.  Change the colors, change the letter, or superhero icon to what you want.  These ones were super easy to make too. Just follow the directions below:

1) Click her for the  

$1.50 Superhero SVG Download

2) Cut everything out in the colors and paper that you want!

3) Use a scoring blade to make a crease in the cape where it needs to fold.  Then use glue on the top part, fold it over, and press it onto the shirt.

4) Glue the other pieces, except for the letter.  Use pop-up dots to give it some more dimension.

5) Print out event info. and glue it to the inside of the cape.

6) If you are making these invites for a girl superhero, add some glitter or bling 🙂

7) Enjoy your superhero party!

Check below for more superhero party ideas!

Let’s start with “super” cute decorations:

Keep the decoration colors bright, like a comic book. Have bright streamers, balloons, paper goods, and other bright decor!

Have a dramatic background for the desserts! I used cardboard and paper to make my building and added a call signal for the birthday boy 🙂















Make action word decorations. Make pom poms out of tissue paper then slap on words (I used my cricut to make my words)


Other words to use: clunk, wham, plop, boom, bang, whack, ka-pow, bonk...




















Now for the “Super” yummy nom noms…

The 1st birthday requires a smash cake! However, our cake baking ended in tragedy the night before so we ended up with this one last minute. We ordered a plain cake and I dressed it up with starbursts and edible ink.


Again, we had a bit of a disaster while making the cake the night before so we ended up with cupcakes at the very last minute. We went with bright colors that matched the party and had time to dress them up with some superhero action words
















…And for “super” cool party favors:

Make capes and masks for party favors! Wal-mart has cheap material that goes a long way 🙂

They don't have to be fancy. As you can see, they were a big hit!














Take a look at some of the extra “super” fun touches we did:

Create a photobooth so kids can take picture in their new capes and masks 🙂


And use superhero action words to make some fun action shots. Of course the adults were more into this than the kids were, but hey... we can have some fun too, right?













What superheros will show up to your party?

My husband went as "The Dealer" and had a cape with decks of cards all over it, while I went as "The Puzzler"- yes, my cape has the autism puzzle pieces all over it. It was awesome!

The birthday boy wasn't up to wearing his costume but my sister sported some handmade jet-packs for her "Super Mom" costume while my brother-in-law was Quailman mixed with Duck Dynasty? Just go with it!
















Happy 1st Birthday to the cutest little superhero ever, Dax Hagen Rucker! I love you so much- even when you are covered in cake!

A little gem for those paper craft artists in the San Gabriel Valley!


Hello fellow scrapbookers and paper craft artists!  So, sometimes it is really annoying to go into a nearby Michaels or Joanns craft store, only to find the exact same thing you always find there.  To me, it seems like their selections are rarely updated.  So here is my solution- search your google maps for a local scrapbooking store.  This is precisely what I did the other day and stumbled upon heaven- Scrap N’ Yap in Monrovia, CA.

I love to support local businesses and I am a huge fan of this particular store for many reasons:

1) It’s pretty! When you step inside, the store is colorful and has an antiquish look to it.  It is clean and organized.  And so spacious! There is room to turn around without knocking things over with your purse. That, my friends, is important! The whole feel of it relaxing and not overwhelming like some craft shops I have been  in.

2) It’s full of unfamiliar things! As I mentioned before, other chain craft stores I have shopped at always have the same thing! I have seen the same paper and embellishments sitting there for years now.  There were definitely new and unique items at Scrap N’ Yap, which made me all giddy when I was there 🙂

3) It’s ran by awesome people! Nothing is more important to me when I am shopping than customer service, and people… this place had outstanding customer service.  The lady working, Jen, was super friendly, offered assistance, and gave suggestions.  I truly felt like I was a valuable customer to her and it was only my first time in the store! I later liked Scrap N’ Yaps Facebook page ( to let them know how much I enjoyed their store and 2 other Scrap N’ Yap ladies responded to my message! Incredible!

4) It’s fun for everyone! They offer a lot of classes there so you can constantly learn something new, or maybe teach others some stuff you know! I have not attended a class there yet, but they sound lovely! I have actually always been too intimidated to take any sort of paper craft class, but Jen almost has me convinced 😉

I really hope some of you who live in the area will take the time to check this place out.  It truly is a delightful place, full of delightful people.  Get a sneak peek of what Scrap N’ Yap has to offer by visiting their website:


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