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Ok, I am all for buying gifts for loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, and some holidays- but Valentine’s Day! Really? I don’t even glance in the Valentine’s Day gift direction when I walk into stores. What a waste of money! What the hell are you suppose to get a guy for this day anyways? Something sexy for you to wear that night? Ya, he will enjoy that $50+ piece of fabric that is so tiny it could fit on a hamster for about 10 seconds, then it is on the floor! Frankly, I don’t have that kind of money to just throw on the floor! So, I decided to make my gift this year for Valentine’s Day, but this would also be good for an anniversary.

Yes, I did! I made some romantic coupons for the husband to use as he pleased. Just simple things like: free movie, free dinner, free ice cream, ect. You can make these naughty or nice. I just suggest to make some you enjoy too 😉

These were made very last minute so I kept them quite simple. It literally took about an hour to print 15 coupons, cute some paper, glue them together, and tie it to make it like a booklet. It was very fun to make and I had a great reaction from the husband when he saw them. I highly recommend making these for your special someone sometime. Just grab some cute paper and make up your coupons! I only used the Cricut for the heart on the front. The rest you can do without 🙂 Enjoy and  spread the love everyone!

I love you, Husband!


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  1. Trina

    Beautiful pics. I truly think the heart pic looks so nice and fun.

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