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When my mother-in-law, Rose, asked me to make her 70s themed 40th anniversary invites, I thought… Why not? Shouldn’t be too hard! Well, I was way wrong. Since I was born just a few years after the 70s, 17 to be exact, my image of the 70s was a little off. I was thinking like Disco Fever or That 70s Show, which might work for the late 70s but my in-laws were married in 1971. Then I was even more confused because this was still hippie/tie-dye era, but not flower power/peace sign era. And on top of all this mind boggling madness of not knowing what was in and out in 1971, I wanted to make the invitations represent what they were celebrating. Here is what we came up with after some brainstorming…

guitar, mandolin svg, 70s invitations, handmade card, tie dye, 60sguitar, mandolin, svg, handmade, invitations, tie-dye, 60s, 70s

 “I don’t get it,” is what some of you may be thinking, especially you youngins’. But here is the cute little story behind the invitations and the people I made them for:

My in-laws, Bob and Rose, met in college and started dating. Together they would go to coffee house. Bob would play his guitar and Rose would play her mandolin. In 1971, the couple was married. At their wedding, Bob played his guitar and sang “My Sweet Lady” by John Denver to his new wife. Awww…such a tear jerker. And that, my friends is how these invitations were created!

Do you need a guitar or mandolin for your invitations or special project? Download the guitar and mandolin svgs below!

$1.00 Download Guitar SVG
$1.00 Download Mandolin SVG

Congrats to Bob and Rose on their 40 years of wedded bliss 🙂




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  1. Rose Grealish

    Thanks for the nice write-up Ari. Why didn’t you include a picture of the 5 of us? I’m very proud of my newest daughter and I think everyone would like to see a picture of you too.

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