Under the Big Top Invitations

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls.. step right up and take a look at the grandest invitations on Earth! Instead of waiting to take your kids to the circus, bring the circus to your kids, family, and friends. What better way to get the party started than sending out some fantastic circus tent invitations to get everyone pumped for the big event:

circus tent handmade invitations, carnival, birthday party, big top, circus tent svg

circus tent handmade invitations, carnival, birthday party, big top, circus tent svg

Don’t these make you want a night full of elephants, cotton candy, clowns, and big cats? Maybe the elephants and big cats are pushing it, but it shouldn’t be too much trouble to rent a cotton candy machine and hire a clown or two. But, first things first… make the invitations! Click below to purchase my SVG so you can make your own circus tent invitations:

$2.00 Download Circus Tent SVG

Now that you have your circus tent SVG, get ready to create your invites:

1) Get materials! Find some cute paper and ribbon to make your circus tent your own. I used pink, purple, and red to make them girly. Change the colors to red, blue, and yellow to make them more boyish.

2) Use the svg to cut all your  pieces. Then start gluing. I used spray adhesive on most pieces. However, the spray was not sticky enough for the scallop pieces since they are not being glued to a flat surface. I suggest using regular glue for these and the flags.

3). Cut pieces of ribbon to desired size. I made them approx. 14 inches long.

4) Print party info. and glue to the inside of invitation.

5) Close invitation and tie ribbon.

TA-DAAAAAA! That’s all folks! Come back and visit another time!

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