These ARE the droids you’re looking for…

Robot invitation, baby shower, birthday, svg, cricut cutout, silhouette cutout, droids, handmade

 Click below for the robot in the first photo:  

$2.00 Download Robot 1 SVG


Robot invitation, baby shower, birthday, svg, cricut cutout, silhouette cutout, droids, handmade

Click below for the robot in the second photo:  

$2.00 Download Robot 2 SVG

Okay, okay, okay… so they are not C3PO or R2D2, but still pretty awesome! If you missed my last post, you missed the big announcement that I am going to be a mom in March 🙂 It’s a boy! My husband and I decided to do robots and gears for the nursery theme, hence, the robot invitations for our baby showers 😉 However, these invitations would be cute for a birthday party as well.  Just download one or both of the robot .svgs above to get started.

Got your .svg? Now what do you do? Here are some instructions and tips on how to make your robot invitations:

1) Download one or both of the robot .svgs if you have not already done so.  Don’t forget you will need these essentials to turn that .svg into something you can actually use

     – a cutting machine and compatible software (I use a Cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot 2), along with cutting mats and other cutting accessories

     – glue (I personally like this glue and use it on everything: http://www.michaels.com/Mono-Multi-Liquid-Glue/sb3906,default,pd.html?cgid=products-scrapbooking-adhesives)

2) Buy

     -paper in whatever colors you desire (keep in mind that you can change the colors to make them girly as well)

     – googly eyes in whatever size you desire (I always say “Go big or go home” when it comes to googly eyes)

     – brads ( I was able to find some cool silver brads at Michael’s that look like screws)

 3) Cut your materials, along with your printed event information (you can make them as big or small as you like)

4) Glue

– Event information onto the robot body

– Hands onto arms

– Feet onto legs (or rollers/wheels onto legs depending on what .svg you went with)

– Head onto neck

– Eyes onto face

5) Connect the neck, legs, and arms to the robot body using the brads (this makes the invitation move so it can fit into envelopes and it’s just cute!)

6) Draw on a smile, eyelashes, or whatever you want (I like the chubby half-smirk, but that’s just me)

7) Send those droids out and enjoy your special event!

8) Check below for some party decoration ideas…

The following decorations were created by my sister, mom, and cousin. Enjoy!

 Honor your baby with his/her name on a banner that matches the theme:

Make your own robots with old food cans and thingamabobs then fill them with goodies:






















What are robots made of? Gears, nuts, bolts, and screws! So top off your cupcakes with some edible ones:

 Decorate silver boxes like robots and fill them with treats for your party favors (we did chex mix):

 Change wall decor that doesn’t match into giant robots! Just wrap in silver paper and add a robot face:


That’s not all folks, but I am out of time for now! Check back soon for even more robot party ideas…



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