Invitations fit for a rockstar!

Move on over Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi, and Justin Bieber… a new rock star is about to be born! My first nephew,Dax Hagen, should be arriving March 18th! What better way to celebrate this new bundle of joy than a rockstar baby shower? Don’t be jealous. You can have your own rockstar baby shower too! Just start off the celebration with some jammin’ guitar invites:

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(above)  The outside of the guitar invites

(below) The inside of guitar invites

The awesome thing about these invitations is you can change them up any way you want! Once you have your .svg you can find different colored paper  to make it  your own for any occasion! Change the blue to red and add decorative paper with flames to make it more dangerous for a boy’s birthday party. Make the guitars pink and use zebra print ribbon to make your little girl’s birthday party totally awesome!  These invitations were so much fun! I kept mine pretty simple, but think of all the fun things you can do with these! Just download my .svg below to get started on your own:

$2.00 Download Rockstar Guitar SVG

After you download the .svg, cut out all the pieces in Sure Cuts A Lot 2. Then it is time to glue, glue, glue! I used spray adhesive on the larger pieces, and regular paper glue on the small pieces. Be sure to glue the ribbon on the base piece so your colored or decorative paper can cover the edges. Then print information on cardstock. I provided the cutout for the inside of the guitar, but it is up to you to get your information printed to fit into that shape. It is a bit tedious, but totally brings the whole thing together. I also have Photoshop to help me set everything up just right. If you do not have programs to help you out with the inside, I suggest printing your information out regularly and just cutting the paper into a rectangle or square to fit into the invitation. Good luck and enjoy!

Here are some more creations and fun photos from my sister’s rockstar baby shower:

(left) Make sure  your guests have V.I.P. passes for the “Don’t say baby” game! Just buy clear badge holders, print on cardstock and cut to  fit in holder. Use ribbon to create make into necklaces!

(below) Cookies in a jar! Pick your ingredients and layer them in a jar. Use colorful candy, cloth, ribbon, and paper with ingredients to match your party theme!




(left) Balloon bouquets are a simple touch to make the occasion special!





(below) Use decorations that you will use in the baby’s room. This is going to look pretty hardcore in the rockstar’s room!








(left) Me, my sister, and my unborn nephew. Can’t wait to meet him!


(right) Opening presents is my favorite part! Especially when it is the blanket I made for my new nephew! Hope  you like it, Dax!



(below) The Rucker Rockstar Family. Congrats guys!


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