Go Go Power Rangers – Super Samurai Style!

When I was asked to do Power Ranger invitations for my friend’s little boy, I thought it would be an easy design since I was a Power Ranger fan as a child! Come to find out… the Power Rangers have gone through multiple makeovers over the past few years. The Power Rangers that I once knew are no longer what today’s youth know. They are now Super Samurai Power Rangers! I looked through some images and watched a few clips of these new rangers so I could make sure I could come up with a design that today’s children would be familiar with. Here is what I came up with:

Power Ranger Super Samurai, birthday party invitations, red ranger, power ranger svg, ninja

Pretty awesome, right? What little boy wouldn’t love this? The design is actually very simple and easy to recreate! Plus… you can change the color to fit your kiddos’ favorite rangers! Click below to download the FREE .svg file!

Free Power Ranger SVG!

Now just cut and glue your pieces together! I personally use spray adhesive to reduce wrinkles and bumpiness in the paper. I also use dot adhesives under the silver nose/eye piece. This gave it a really cool three dimensional effect that made it that much more super! Enjoy!


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