Let it go!

No really… let it go! That song is all I hear when I am at the park with my son. There are always a couple of little girls running around, pretending to be Elsa, and screaming that song at the top of their lungs! All I hear from my nieces is “Elsa this and Elsa that”. NEWS FLASH: Frozen is not the best Disney movie ever! And… Anna is WAY better than Elsa! There. I said it! The fact of the matter is that no Disney movie will ever be better than The Little Mermaid. I remember watching that movie everyday after I got home from kindergarten. I would sing along with every song and then later that night pretend to be a mermaid in the bathtub by crossing my ankles and flipping my legs about like they were my fins. Then I would go to bed with my Ariel blanket, which I still have and use today (even though it is paper thin now). Those memories fill me with happiness, until I remember the darkest day of my life. The day tragedy struck. The day the VCR ate my Little Mermaid tape. You may not find this very tragic because you are probably thinking, “No big deal. Couldn’t you have just had your mom go out and buy another one?”. Not so much. If it were only that simple. No, Disney had locked The Little Mermaid into its vault so it was nowhere to be found for many MANY years… sniffle….sniffle…

Okay, okay, okay. I took a moment to pull myself together. Now, even though WE may all be in agreement that Ariel is better than Elsa your little ones may not be, which ultimately means I still need to finish this post so you can have your very own frozen invitations that look like this:

handmade Frozen Elsa invitation, elsa svg, girls birthday party, snowflake, frozen cutout, cricut, silhouette cameo

handmade Frozen Elsa invitation, elsa svg, girls birthday party, snowflake, frozen cutout, cricut, silhouette cameo

Oooo lala! Your little ones are going to love these! And you are going to love me because I am giving you the .svg for free! Just click below to get the download and to view the tips on how to put yours together:

Click here to download your FREE Frozen Elsa Snowflake SVG

Tips on cutting and assembling:

1) These are not printable templates! You need proper cutting machines and software to use an .svg file, such as a cricut and Sure Cuts A Lot 2 or the Silhouette and it’s compatible software.

2) You also need to be able to print your own information. I set up all the texts for my invitations in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.

3) Once you cut your pieces, simply glue them together. I glued the white snowflake and the party information pieces directly onto the blue snowflake that opens, then glued the printed Elsa onto the circle. Then to give it some dimension, I used adhesive circles to pop up the circle of Elsa on top of the white snowflake.

4) It is hard to tell in my picture, but I used glitter glue on the tips of the white snowflake to add a little frost. You can’t go wrong with a little bit of glitter 😉

5) Enjoy your party! Look below for some easy party decorations and ideas!

Frozen Party Decorations and Ideas

1. Frozen Birthday Banner – just use the same snowflake .svg that I provided, circle cutouts, and string them together with fishing wire and tape. Easy Peasy!

2. Frozen Birthday Party Food – cups with ranch, carrots, and pretzels (melted olafs), blue jello (ice shards), strawberries dipped in white chocolate (frozen hearts), frosted upside down ice cream cones (snowy trees)

3. Frozen plates, napkins, cups are easy to find online or at party stores. Use empty tissue box with top cut off to store cutlery, print out frozen labels for water bottles









4. “Some People Are Worth Melting For” banner. Use circles and the provided snowflake .svg to recreate this banner. Use glitter on the printed words to really make it shine!


5. Frozen Cupcakes- vanilla and chocolate with white frosting topped with images from the movie and handmade scallop/circle toppers on toothpicks

HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY to this little ice queen, Novalee! Aunt Ari loves you!


2 Responses to “Let it go!”

  1. Maria

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU sooo much for this Frozen invitation.
    This was my first SVG project, you could not have made it easier!
    They will be the hit of the party, thank you again!!

  2. Ashleigh

    These are amazing! Thank you for sharing!!!

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