No, literally… assemble the minions. Just download the free .svg file below to make your minion invite for your own little minions! Make them with one eye or two eyes, or mix it up and make both!

despicable me invitation, pixar character, birthday party, minions cutout, minion svgdespicable me invitation, pixar character, birthday party, minions cutout, minion svg











Click here to download your free minion.svg

(This is an .svg that can only be used with compatible software. It is not a printable file and was made to be imported to software that is compatible with cutting machines like the Silhouette Cameo or Cricut Expression.)

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They are so cute I could die! I hope you all enjoy them!



50 Responses to “ASSEMBLE THE MINIONS!”

  1. Mary

    Thank You so much I am going to make this for my sister.. THANK U THANK YOU!!

  2. Shary

    Thank you so much my kids will enjoy this x

  3. Cindy Close

    I’ve even gotten my husband hooked on the minions and he’s not crazy about cartoons. Thanks so much for the card, I plan to use it for a Happy Despicable Birthday card.

  4. Sandy

    Oh I love this! Thanks so much. I am going to make a bulletin board for my 4th graders.

  5. connie

    this is sooooo cute!! Thank you!! =)

  6. Jill

    These are AmAZING!! Thank you so much for posting and sharing; my son is OBSESSED with Despicable me right now!

  7. Soraya

    thank you for sharing this adorable file! My son is invited to a despicable party and I think this is just right!! thanks again!!!

  8. kavita

    Hi I just downloaded the file but got half an eye and the rest of it was blank.Do I need to have a software for this?I was planning to make these for my son’s birthday which is coming up soon.Please let me know becauseI think this is one of the best cards I’ve ever seen.Thanks for this :)

  9. Pathy

    Thank you so much, my little princess love this guys!!!

  10. Sandykay

    Love him! I’m crocheting hats for christmas, these will make great tags for the gifts! TYVM!!! :)

  11. Megan

    I’ve been trying for 3 hours to get this to work. Because it’s a zip file, I can’t do a thing with it. Can anyone help?

  12. Ari

    Hi, Megan. You are actually not the only one who has been having trouble with this file lately. I have tried updating it numerous times on this site and it always ends up not working. Would you like me to try to send the file to your email?

  13. Keisha

    I see Megan is having trouble with the .zip file. Did you extract the zip file before trying to use it?

  14. Ari

    Thank you, Keisha, for the suggestion!

  15. Ari

    For everyone that was having difficulty with the minion .svg, I recently updated it so please give it another try :) Sorry for the inconvenience before!

    -Ari Grealish

  16. Cindy

    Thank you for this, I love it. But how do I get it to work with my Cricut Expressions?

  17. Ari

    Hi, Cindy! Thank you and you are welcome! The .svg file can be used with the Circut only if you have the compatible software, which is Sure Cuts A Lot 2. However, it is only compatible with the Expression, not the Expression 2. Hope this helps!

  18. Sandra

    Hi, I would like to use your template to do some bday invitation. how does it work i down load it but its save to my computer. you mention that its only compatible with cricut expression but how save it
    to the cricut machine?

  19. Ari

    Hi Sandra. The .svg can be used in the software (Sure Cuts A Lot 2) that is compatible with the cricut machine but you can’t actually save it to the machine itself.

  20. Yvette

    Hi ladies i just got the silhouette cameo and i am fairly new to this i want to cut this out with my machine but am having trouble with loading the file to the design studio i have already extracted the file and idk what a i doing wrong ?

  21. Ari

    Hi Yvette! Unfortunately I am not familiar with the design studio because I use Silhouette Connect with Adobe Illustrator. However, I found this website that might be able to help you with importing and using the minion .svg file. Please let me know if this helps, if not I will see what else I can do :)

    Click here for the site:

  22. Rose

    thank you…so cute

  23. Jenn

    was sooooooo bummed to see it will not work with my Cricut expression 2. I can’t find anything that will work!

  24. Carla

    Thanks so much for this free svg I was so worried making everything on my own without any thinlit and punchers

  25. sarah

    Thank you so much for having this free svg file! we are having a minion birthday party for our 3 y.o. son in October and this was such a huge help! I just got the new Cricut Explore and its so sweet, this printed out all the pieces I need easily. I DO have a couple questions…how did you print the invite info on the white portion of paper, as its funny shaped and I dont know that it will fit in my printer? and did you use black ribbon as opposed to a strip of paper for the goggles strap? thank you!

  26. Marcia

    Thank you so much for this free cutting file. I was just going to make a card with a picture of the minions on it for my grandson’s birthday but this is so much cuter.

  27. Debbie

    This is adorable! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  28. Angel

    THANKS for an awesome idea!!! Grandson LOVES it.

  29. Ann M

    Thank you for this adorable file.

  30. Wendy

    Thank you SO MUCH! I have the silhouette cameo and I created him as a print and cut with the glasses and pocket as extra cut pieces. Your SVG made it so simple easy. Bless you! My granddaughter is super excited.

  31. dayna swanson

    I think I just found them thank you so much for this file

  32. How super cute!!
    I have linked to you in my ultimate round up of the most awesome DIY minion party ideas! :)

  33. zulayka

    I love this invitation and was hoping to get the template and cut it by hand..do you think there is a way i can get the template as a print out?

  34. Juliana

    Hiiii….First of all, what an ADORABLE file!!!
    I have a cricut explorer and I am using Safari…Could you PLEASE guide me on how I should save this file as an SVG? :(

  35. Emma

    I have silhouette studio and I can’t get it to load. I just got mine 4 days ago so I know practically nothing about it yet. Could you please help me?? I am so excited I found this!! I tried the link you posted above but i don’t have the svg thing on mine? It tells me that it’s not supported?

  36. Ari

    I am so sorry, Zulayka… I only have the file as a cutout. I wish I had time to create a printable. When would you need it by? It may be too late…

  37. Ari

    Thank you for the support! I took a look at your site… very cute!!!

  38. Ari

    Hi, Juliana. Thank you! I am glad you like the file :)

    I am extremely unfamiliar with Safari so I am not sure if I can help. Have you tried finding a cricut explorer forum and asking? There my be someone on there that can help you. I am so sorry!

  39. Ari

    Hi Emma. I can try to help. The file I have uploaded is actually a .zip file that contains a .svg file, so you have to extract it before you can import it into silhouette studio. Did you try that yet?

  40. christine anslow

    this is great for a birthday card for my friend she will love it

  41. eva

    Thank You very Much, I Love it! I’m Making Him for my Kids to give to Daddy for Fathers Day

  42. Maribel M.

    Thanks for the SVG!!!

  43. Jami Cliborne

    What font did you use inside the invitation?

  44. Tcilou

    Thanks, it’s very cute!
    I hope I will manage to cut it with my cameo…..

  45. sophie

    This invitation looks just fab! Unfortunately, like some others I seem to be unable to open the file (it just opens a webpage with the “picture” of the final product, not all the pieces separate – if I make sense!! lol). I know you posted it a while ago, but if there’s any chance I could get the file….. ;) ;) ;) (ps, I have a Silhouette Cameo). xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  46. Ari

    I did this so long ago and did not start keeping track of the fonts until recently! I am so sorry! Anything that is blocky will work. I get most of my fonts off http://www.dafont.com :)

  47. Ari

    Hi! I fixed the problem a while ago (it was a silly mistake on my part) and had not had any complaints for a while, but now there is a different problem that I am currently looking into. I will let you know as soon as I have this fixed – hopefully sometime tomorrow!

  48. Ari

    Hi there! I have tried downloading the file on various computers and it has worked everytime. Did you click on the picture or the link below the picture?

  49. sophie

    Not sure how I did it, but I managed!!!!! Yayyyyyy! My son will be so happy with his birthday invitations ;)
    Thnak youuuuuuuu

  50. Ari

    Yay! Glad to hear that. Happiest of birthdays to your son!

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